About the Art

The artwork featured throughout this website is the work of Yemeni-American artist Noor Qwfan. Born in Yemen and raised in the Central Valley of California, Noor Qwfan works in Corporate Social Responsibility. She is the creator of Noor's Nook (@noors_nook), an expressive outlet for her creative tendencies. Noor is also the creator and host of This Muslim Girl Podcast (@thismuslimgirlpodcast), a platform started in 2017 to amplify the voices of Muslim women and their experiences. Her digital art featured here often center everyday Yemeni figures, both in Yemen and the diaspora, as they dance, work, grieve, and live. Her art reveals a multitude of Yemeni experiences that are not contained within the country’s borders. In featuring subjects both within and outside of Yemen, and like those works included in the Oceanic Yemen Syllabus, Noor’s art demonstrates Yemen’s globality beyond its territorial imagination.